Swiping for a Soulmate: 20 Tinder Do’s and Dont’s for Men Seeking True Love


Tinder Tips for Men Seeking a SoulmateTinder is a tantalizing online dating app that is modernizing the search for true love in the new age.

Although Tinder was originally designed as a “hook up” app (ie: let’s meet at a bar, get drunk, have casual sex and never call the next morning), you’ll be surprised to discover that a fair share of users are actually seeking authentic, long term, soulmate level love relationships.

Unfortunately a lot of “good guys” get abandoned in the “swipe left” dust because frankly… your profile SUCKS.

Gents, I want to help you find your true love! Touch up your Tinder profile with these 20 “Do’s and Don’ts” Tips:

Tinder Tips for Men Seeking a Soulmate by www.ScarletAmor.com

1) YOUR PHOTOS: Guys, you have about 2 Tinder seconds to woo your future bride. Choose your first image wisely!


  • Post an image with you and a bunch of other dudes, your ex wife, or your mother.
  • Indulge in the infamous bathroom muscle flexing selfie.
  • Have a cheap beer in your hand in every single picture.
  • Hide behind your sunglasses.


  • Focus on your bright eyes and your sweet smile.
  • Have an image of yourself cleaned up in a collared shirt with a nice glass of wine at a fancy bistro. Help her imagine your first dream date!
  • Use two quality headshots, two action shots, and one artsy image.
  • Ask your best girl friends to go through your photos and pick out the best ones to use.

Tinder Tips for Men Seeking a Soulmate by www.ScarletAmor.com

2) YOUR STATS: There are a few key details that every woman wants to know before swiping.


  • Mention sports teams.
  • Use emoji’s to describe your interests.
  • Never, ever say “Living Life to the Fullest!”


  • Tell us your profession, your height and your family situation (ie: recently divorced with 2 teens parttime).
  • Mention your UNIQUE hobbies (every dude works out at the gym and drinks craft beer, BTW).
  • Include one funny fact about yourself.


Tinder Tips for Men Seeking a Soulmate by www.ScarletAmor.com3) RELATIONSHIP INTENTIONS: Tinder is awesome because you can cut to the chase and ask for what you really want. If you are seeking a soulmate, put it out there!


  • Describe your hesitancy for using the app (“not sure why I’m here, just checking it out”).
  • Make a list of what you DON’T want (no hookers or fat girls).
  • Never, ever say “No Drama!”.


  • Describe the kind of relationship you seek (not here for hookups, I am a true gentleman seeking my soulmate for a lasting relationship).
  • Be honest, authentic and charming.
  • Trust that there are a LOT of amazing women swiping in your city who are seeking a real man like YOU!

Once you get that lovely “It’s a Match” notice, don’t hesitate to send her a nice message and make the first move!

Happy swiping, and good luck.


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