“Soulmate” Relationships, Disappointment, And What To Do When Your Partner Is Not Dedicated To Personal Growth


Debunking the Ideal "Soulmate" Relationship by www.scarletamor.comAre you still dreaming of the PERFECT “Soulmate” relationship that is focused on spiritual growth as PARTNERS?

I’ve been reflecting quite a bit on this dreamy idealist vision I have of being in a transformational partnership with a Beloved/mate where we are both dedicated to our personal growth… with the relationship being a cauldron for that intention.

You know, one of those “conscious relationships” where personal transformation is the #1 purpose of being together, soulmate style, and the romance and companionship are secondary. A relationship with a higher purpose, per say.

It’s a tall order to expect someone to fit into that idealistic box we conceive in our minds.

I tend to continually give my power away in relationships and end up utterly disappointed if my partner does not meet this “ideal”, or does not have a similar way of seeing the world or processing through stuff as I do.

I have this false sense of failure, or not being “met”, because our language or goals in life are simply different. I attach my own efforts of personal transformation onto NEEDING my partner to be on board with my mission. ie: if they don’t “do the work” with me, then I am left stuck and unable to move forward.

It’s complete self-limiting BULLSHIT. 

This is my personal challenge: if I am to walk my talk of being “dedicated to my personal transformation within the cauldron of a relationship“, I must move forward and keep shifting REGARDLESS if my romantic partner is on board or not.

Yes, I do perceive that when I step it up, move beyond the comfort zone and create radical changes in my life that it tends to create a chasm between us, but who am I to use a relationship as an excuse not to grow?

If it is meant to be, your partner will catch up.

Here is where I discover an even greater gift: this contrast is PRECISELY the experience I need in my life to move forward on my spiritual path and transform my own out dated limited belief systems and habits.

Look at that, it was ME the whole time that was holding myself back, not the relationship!


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