Don’t Put Your Life on Hold – Your Soulmate Will Show Up Just in the Nick of Time


 fingers crossed like a coupleI was ready for my Soulmate life partner YEARS ago… or so I thought.

Here is my story of how I finally found my Soulmate JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME!

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The 5M’s…. I could count them on my hand.

An outline of the Dream Life that I was longing to create for myself…

A vision that haunted me in my dreams, during my medicine journeys, in every meditation…

A glimpse of my future destiny that I KNEW I had to achieve in this lifetime…

In my naivety, I believed it needed to happen in this particular order…

    1. tattly_bekka_palmer_classic_red_heart_web_applied_07_largeMAN (Find my Soulmate dream man future husband rockstar life PARTNER)
    2. MANSION (We’d move into a luxurious dream home with an ocean view in a cute family friendly beach town)
    3. MOMMY (From there I would get full custody of daughter and move her down to California with us into said dream home)
    4. MISSION (Then I could finally realize my soul mission and childhood dream of writing best selling books with my hubbie as mentors of sacred love and rockstar conscious relationships)
    5. MONEY (My financial success would arrive as a sought out writer and world class speaker on Soulmate relationships… and then I could finally give back and be an angel investor for single mama’s in a pinch… like I was at the time)

So I searched for my Dream Man as my #1 goal in life. He sure as hell wasn’t in the little country town I was living in with my daughter, so I moved to San Francisco and left her behind to pursue my career and find my mate. Then I moved to Los Angeles. I looked online from coast to coast. I looked fucking EVERYWHERE…

Where the FUCK is my SOULMATE!!!!

And then the years passed… The clock was ticking towards the time me and baby daddy agreed for me to get full custody of my daughter. But instead I was still living in the city (not a good place to raise a child), running around with my wild adult lifestyle (don’t get me wrong, it was fun while it lasted), dreaming of making enough money to move to the beach and retire from my career (same old story… I was still living paycheck to paycheck), and worst of all… I felt like I could not achieve my soul mission on this planet without my Soulmate!

I was chasing a vision that the Man needed to show up first for my destiny to unfold… which was my BIGGEST mistake.

Long story short, I realized I had no more time to lose. If my soulmate isn’t here, I am going to create the 5M’s myself!

So I did something crazy… I decide to design my DREAM LIFE with or without my Man.

design your dream life scarlet amorIn a spur of the moment decision I quit my job, gave up my pad in the city, said goodbye to my wild adult lifestyle, and moved in with my Mother to re-gather my priorities.

As soon as I focused on the BIG PICTURE, a series of synchronicities lead me to *following my intuition* and I eventually moved to a multi-million dollar beach town of my dreams with no money, no job, no friends… nothing!

In my heart I KNEW my destiny was HERE… my dream home, my dream man, my dream career, my dream school for my daughter… this is my HOME. This is where I will create the 5M’s!

red heart on the palms of a womanIt didn’t happen overnight. I struggled at first, living in a crappy apartment and got a day job in marketing.  I met a nice man 3 weeks in and was with him for about two years. I moved my daughter down and put her into our dream school with an ocean view. I made new friends. I jogged on the beach. I began writing my books. I was slowly designing my dream life.

Now the boyfriend ended up not being my ONE (I knew it from day one – read this blog), but he was a stepping stone that lead me to the fast track towards my Soulmate!

Fast forward, three years after I made that epic leap….

It was after that breakup that I said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and began hiring coaches, shrinks, therapists, psychics, astrologers and other mentors to help ME smell my shit from the roses and create the break throughs I needed to recreate my new dating game plan… and it worked.

After putting all the other pieces together of my dream life… and pushing through a few years of blood, sweat and tears… I finally met the MAN OF MY DREAMS!

Listen to this short interview about my love story…

That is why I created the Empowered Women in Love Mastery Program.

silverNo only is this my life’s work, it is my soul mission to help rockstar women find true love and create their dream life… with or without the man!

Never give up seeking your Soulmate… they WILL show up just in the nick of time.

But you need to prepare the foundation of your Dream Life FIRST!

If I can do it, so can you…

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