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10 Keys for Sexy Mamas and Parents to Bring Passion Back Into the Bedroom

Mama’s GIVE all the time:

You are growing babies, driving the kids around town, making endless dinners, keeping your marriage afloat… AND you may have a career on top of it all!

shutterstock_206801959It is natural for your sex drive to lose some steam during the parenting years. Raising kids is exhausting!

When what was once a hot, sexy, passionate relationship with a romantic dream of creating a family together…

Becomes the reality of sleepless nights, frumpy yoga pants, screaming babies, and falling asleep in spit up stained bed sheets with bags under your eyes…

Parents need to get creative on how to keep their intimacy and passion afloat.

But you CAN get your passion back in record time by committing to a sexy self care routine and juicy “playtime” with your partner…

I am a mama who lost her libido juju after having a baby, and these are some of the ways I got my sexy back!

~ Scarlet Amor

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