Sensual Providers, Retirement Plans, and The Case Of “The Dakini That Burnt Out”


www.ScarletAmor.comDear Sensual Providers: Sometimes your life passion and career as an Erotic Healing Artist may have an expiration date.

When what was once your spiritual mission, your passion path, your dream job come true… one day starts feeling like a burden, it may be time to reassess your career.

This is how it was for me as a Dakini and Tantric intimacy coach.

I had a solid eight year run. I traveled all over America with my work. I assisted thousands of clients with their sexual transformation. I wrote books, ran workshops, trained others on how to pursue this art of erotic healing and personal enlightenment. I raved about it to everyone who would listen. I was proud of what I offered to the world, ecstatic in fact.

But with any job, there come certain occupational hazards that can eventually suck your soul dry.

I started noticing my internal shift a few years ago. Subtly this feeling of looming dread would creep in when I had another work trip to New York City scheduled. Or when a client rang on my phone, I just stared at it with a pit in my gut and refused to answer it (which is basically a loss of the sale in the sensual massage business). Or observring when I hit a wall with one of my clients in session, I’d quickly give up instead of challenging them to rise higher with me.

The biggest tell-tale sign was this: I COMPLAINED ABOUT MY JOB MORE OFTEN THAN I RAVED ABOUT IT.

I simply lost interest in the work. I pushed it so hard, for so many years, without a break… that I got burnt out.

Considering the energetic caliber of this career, it felt out of integrity for me to work with a client when my heart wasn’t in it 100%. It’s not fair to them if I am faking it.

Although I would not admit it at the time, I started taking sessions simply because I needed the money. Those particular sessions ended up being horrible. The clients were douchey, they pushed all my buttons, they didn’t have a deep desire to learn, they just wanted to feel me up. I began to DREAD my job.

That was when I realized I was complete. It was time to retire and pass the torch on to the next generation of radiant Dakini’s who’s Sacred Shakti Fire still burns bright and are ready to serve with passion, integrity and enthusiasm!

SCARLET AMOR PRODUCTIONS © 2012Allow me to share something super personal, and extremely important:

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I finally DID shut down my websites, cancelled my work telephone number, and closed the Temple doors for good was this: I DID NOT CREATE A LOGICAL EVACUATION PLAN.

I quit my lucrative job before I had a new business venture set up to replace it. As a result, I went into financial collapse, almost over night, and had to move back in with my mother. I felt like I lost everything.

I call out to my Dakini sisters: Please learn from my mistakes!

Take advantage of the easy money and all that free time waiting for clients to call while you can. Someday you may no longer have it in you to continue this career, and when that time comes, I WANT YOU TO BE PREPARED!

Consider investing your extra Dakini cash into building a new sustainable business on the back end that will support your retirement when the time comes. Think of it as a virtual 401K. You will need something to fall back on when the bellman tolls, and ideally it should be your next passion project!

SA_business_program_logo_400pxI offer career mentoring for retiring erotic healing artists who are interested in creating your next dream business in order to prepare for your retirement.

What makes me different from other business consultants is that I UNDERSTAND the ups and downs of the erotic healing arts world, the emotional and energetic load it can put on you, and the sticky shadow that sometimes underlies the business… and I will not judge you!

In fact, I celebrate your dedication as a Dakini with honors!

Keep up the good work, ladies! The world needs your light. Just make sure you continue to LOVE what you do, and know when to walk away when the time is right.

Scarlet Amor

  • Joe

    Confucius counseled that “if you have a job you love… you will never have to work.” I found this to be true and led me to many adventurous occupations in diverse and satisfying exotic locations. You just experienced a lull in your journey and took advantage of it before resuming your very special journey.

    • I agree whole heartedly, Joe! The Dakini path was such a joy for me for so many years. And now my joy is helping other women along the journey. Thank you for sharing with us. <3 ~Scarlet

  • Ileana Zayas

    Thank you for writing this piece!! :-) I stumbled into dakini work while attempting to fundraise for my *actual* goals and dreams, and when I found that, no matter what jobs I applied for and no matter how much I was willing to humble myself to any and all types of work to rake in the funds to get my business off the ground, sex-related work was the only work that would make ends meet (at least for me), but I could only justify (to myself) doing it by integrating it with my True Purpose on this planet: Lightworking. Thus began my tantric path, so now I’m diving deep into it, seeking out and soaking in all the info I can possibly get about how to be a tantrika with utmost integrity, knowledge, and expertise… hence how I found your blog. 😀 I am very grateful for your work and all that you share on here and hope to meet you someday and patronize you for your mentorship services. And thank you for this blog specifically; it reminds me to not get too dependent on the money coming in from this work and to stay focused on my actual, heart-centered, long-term goals, the reason I ever got into this in the first place.

    Bless it! Bless it! Thank you! More please! <3

    • Thank you for the candid sharing, Ileana! The Dakini path, for me, was simply an extension of my “lightwork” with a sensual twist, while also diving deep into the shadow of the adult industry where so much healing is needed. It is powerful work, and not for the faint of heart. Celebrate the opportunities you have right now with this vocation and keep working towards your ultimate goals. My mentoring program can assist you along the way: <3 Big Love!!!