Pussyhats, the Women’s March and the Rise of the New Feminist


g9510-20_hat-coverIn a matter of a few Tweets #PUSSYHAT became a common liberal household name overnight.

The beginning of the Pussyhat movement was simple: The hat is pink, for girls. It has ears like a cat, for pussy. The pattern is easy to make. And the women who could not fly out to Washington D.C. to take part in the Women’s March on January 21st, 2017 could knit, crochet or sew one and mail it to their sisters on the front lines as an act of support and solidarity.

It’s called CRAFT ACTIVISM, and women are uniting across the globe in a sea of pink ears.

Little did the ladies in LA who started The Pussyhat Project know that the Women’s March would end up being one of the biggest feminist civil rights protests in modern history, and that these pussyhats would make the cover of TIME magazine as a symbol of a new wave of the women’s rights movement.

Look, I am not one to bring politics into the bedroom.

I have made a conscious choice over the years to keep political conversations off my platform as a writer and love coach. But I am no longer going to be silent.

Pussyhats aren’t just political, this is a WOMEN’S RIGHTS issue! And empowering women is my damn soul mission.




First let’s look back over the history of feminism (def: the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes) in a nutshell:

  • The term “Feminism” was coined by a French man in 1837, around the time of the French and American Revolutions, poised on establishing equal rights for women.
  • The “First Wave” happened with the Suffragette movement in the UK & US, the focus on gender equality regarding the right to own property and the right to vote.
  • The “Second Wave” hit during the 1960s, the rise of reproductive rights for women, shedding light on marital rape and domestic abuse, and the iconic sign of the times around sexual freedom.
  • The “Third Wave” was in the early 1990s when women took a stand for equality in the workplace and fighting against the patriarchy, ie: pantsuits, punks and Thelma & Louise.
  • Some feminist scholars say the “Fourth Wave” sparked around 2008 highlighting the influence of technology and social media to unite women on issues around social justice, sexism and spirituality.
  • So that leads us into the “Fifth Wave of Feminism”… which I believe is being created right now with the historical Women’s March on January 21st, 2017 and the Pussyhat movement!

To be a productive activist it is best to handpick one or two topics and run with it. What does your Pussyhat stand for?

For me, what matters most is protecting women’s reproductive rights and taking a stand against sexual assault and rape culture. THIS IS WHY I WEAR A PUSSYHAT.

Look, I hate promoting this guy or even saying his name. I’m sure this is yesterday’s news to most of you, but here it is again…. THIS IS ONE OF THE MANY REASONS WHY MILLIONS OF WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD ARE FUCKING IRATE AND ARE RECLAIMING THE POWER OF THE PUSSY!

“But it was just locker room talk.” Bullshit. This is the same reason why Brock Turner walked after being caught red handed for rape. We will not take this abuse, misogyny and injustice any longer.

I believe there is a huge blessing in this horrible “GRAB HER BY THE PUSSY” incident caught on tape… it was THIS video that got women off their asses and into the streets in one of the biggest civil rights movements in modern history!


The night after Donald Trump was elected this cool chick Teresa Shook, who lives in Hawaii, composed a Facebook post expressing her frustration and pondered if women could march on Washington during Inauguration Day. Within less than 24 hours of creating the Facebook event page, 10,000 people had confirmed their attendance…

Plus hundreds of Sister Marches around the world with total attendance estimated at 5 MILLION*!

*The numbers vary across media outlets and do not include the hundreds of marches in smaller towns that were not documented by mainstream press. CNN says around 2 million total (with discrepancies such as cops saying the LA turnout was 100K while other news sources stated 750K), but the official WomensMarch.com website boasts 5 million.)


Another small glimpse of the action…

I guarantee you, this march was EPIC. And guess what… ZERO reports of violence or arrests. Why? Because of the power of the pussy, sisters.


Here is a look at my local sister march in San Diego from a fellow supporter up in a cruise ship docked in the harbor: SUPER COOL FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEO!


16113895_10155029442613846_8924322868084580561_nAs soon as I saw the Craft Activism movement of the Pussyhat Project take flight I KNEW THIS WAS MY WAY TO PARTICIPATE IN FIGHTING TO PROTECT WOMEN’S REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS…. a theme that sits very close to my heart.

The week before the women’s march I pulled out my mother’s dusty sewing machine and began my sewing deluge of making pink fleece pussyhats for the group of women I was traveling with to our local sister march.

Instead of just giving them away, I challenged my sisters to offer a financial donation in exchange for the Pussyhats to raise funds for Planned Parenthood, an organization that I am taking an active stand for. THE FIRST BATCH SOLD OUT BEFORE WE EVEN GOT TO THE MARCH and we raised close to $100 for charity.

If you chose to wear a Pussyhat, use it as a conversation starter to share with others what matters most to you about women’s rights.

This is why I started my own #PUSSYHATS4CHARITY fundraiser project!
{ 50% of the purchase goes to women’s empowerment charities }

Scarlet’s Pussyhats4Charity project is simple:

  • I want to help raise money for certain organizations, charities and non-profits that are making bold moves in the women’s rights movement. Money is a powerful activist tool.
  • Sewing brings me peace, harmony, joy and divine purpose (except when the needle snaps, but that is what wine breaks are for).
  • I believe there is a better way to be a part of the resistance other than reposting negative shit on Facebook to the same small group of people who already agree with me.
  • Every girl, mother, fem loving dude and grandmother wants to have a Pussyhat now. There are tons of free patterns online, like this one, if you’d rather make it yourself.
  • I love being crafty and selling my handmade goods online, so I started my own Pussyhat4Charity fashion line as a form of craft activism.
  • This is the punchline: I am donating 50% of the proceeds to a Pussy-licious organization that stands up for women’s rights. So for a $20 Pussyhat, 10 bucks goes straight to charity and 10 to production costs. Seems fair, yeah?
  • The best part is, you get a snazzy PUSSYHAT to wear as a symbol of the modern feminist movement and a conversation starter tool to share what matters most to you about women’s rights!

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I will keep you updated about the #Pussyhats4Charity project and what charity groups are highlighted on my blog!

With Love,