Why Being a Powerhouse Goddess is Cockblocking You From Finding Your Soulmate


shutterstock_179865947Women ask me all the time… how did you find your true love, Scarlet?

The short answer: Radical self-love practices, a long series of relationships to remind me of what I didn’t want, and incessantly digging through all the shit that was holding me back from aligning with my Dream Man!

To be transparent, I was one of those women who had a short-sighted “Goddess Complex”.

I was so single-mindedly dedicated to my personal growth, independence and this fairy-tale dream of a romantic soulmate partnership that I was left feeling lost and lonely with my head in the clouds wondering “where are all the evolved men at?!!!”

Let me tell you a secret: These guys live back down on Earth, and they are a beautiful works in progress, just like YOU!

It wasn’t until I had my heart shattered into pieces after my last breakup that I finally hit rock bottom and hired dating coaches, therapists, and a few psychics to help me smell my shit from the roses and clean up my dating game plan. It wasn’t the guys I was dating that were the problem… it was me.

Finding true love is an inside job.

I was once in a traditional boxed in marriage, had a baby, then we divorced. For the next decade I jumped around between friends with benefits, polyamorous relationships, bouts of celibacy, had passionate lovers, dated a hippie artist, dated a man of ethnicity, dated rich old men, dated married couples, tried dating women… I even married myself at one point!

Let’s just say I’ve been around the block with this… deep down inside my #1 soul mission was to find my true love and settle the fuck down. Yet in the meantime I was trying to prove to myself that I can be radically independent and don’t NEED a man!

I was so focused on being a powerhouse woman on my business mission supporting myself (and my daughter) financially, taking care of my own emotional and sexual needs, and being a “healer” for these pansy men I was attracting… THAT MY FEMININE ESSENCE WAS FADING. 

I wanted a STRONG man in my life, a “King”… a powerful gentleman who would protect my precious heart and coax the soft woman inside of me to come out of the closet.

It wasn’t until I discovered my personal blind spots, surrendered to the POWER OF YIN and stepped into a new phase of empowered womanhood that the “battle of the sexes” shifted and I began to attract KINGS into my dating pool!

Long story short, I finally found my life partner… our relationship is downright dreamy and remarkable. I am happier than ever and madly in committed soulmate level love! #twitterpated

It was not an easy path to get here. It did not necessarily happen overnight. I had to honestly face my shadow side before I woke the fuck up and found my man. I learned a lot of lessons along the way!

I had to clean up my dirty laundry, face all the bullshit I was denying within myself, and climb down off my Goddess Pedestal before I met my match.


Are you a powerhouse woman who is wicked close to a breakthrough in meeting your Soulmate King Dream Man? Check yourself:

  • Women who have proven to themselves that they can be single, self-sufficient, independent and don’t NEED a man, but desire a life partner to share the rest of their journey with.
  • Women who have previously been married (or in a significant long term relationship) and divorced and got Hubbie #1 out of their system.
  • Women who have kicked ass with their career path and have made it on their own with relative success, but are still unsatisfied in the romance department.
  • Women who are into personal growth work, self-reflection and are courageous enough to own their shit.
  • Women who are frustrated with the quality of guys they’ve dated and threaten daily to delete Tinder and become a monk, but deep down inside they know their mate is out there.
  • Women who are adamantly ready to meet their match, yet are at the end of their rope on how to have a breakthrough in the dating world to get there.

Can you relate? Deep down in your heart you KNOW your match is right around the corner, but you have been so busy being a rockstar independent Goddess taking care of yourself and pretending that you do not NEED a man… that you’ve short circuited your magnetic feminine power!

I want everyone to have remarkable love and soulmate level partnership like I am experiencing now! So I am coming out of coaching retirement (I’ve been a love coach for two decades) to help women discover the fast track to radical personal growth so you can magnetize the man of your dreams.

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imgresSeriously ladies, if you keep attracting pussy Peter Pan boys who do not MEET you and make you feel like you have to wear the pants in the family, then it’s time to check yourself and look within at who YOU are being.

My biggest breakthrough was realizing that I can’t do it all myself, so I hired coaches to help me find my blind spots.

And it fucking worked. I found my KING who respects me, adores me, is wildly committed to our partnership, and empowers me to be the GODDESS that I truly am!

If I can do it, so can you.


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