Online Dating Coaching For Men

I assist good-hearted professional men who are seeking a long term relationship to find their perfect match on internet dating websites. 

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There are 40 million SINGLE American’s that use online dating services every year.

And guess what men, the odds are in your favor! There are 86 unmarried men to every 100 unmarried women in the USA.

But if you are a working professional, you may not have time to hang out in bars or go to social functions where you might magically meet a woman you have chemistry with. 

Online Dating Coaching for MenThat is where online dating saves you both time and money!

Your ideal woman IS out there, and you will increase your chances of finding her if you create a compelling dating profile that will attract a quality, compatible match.

Did you know that the average length of courtship before marriage for people that met offline takes 42 months, but relationships that began ONLINE only take 18.5 months before you choose to live happily ever after?

WHY? Because you can create a dating profile that states EXACTLY what you are seeking and will weed out incompatible matches from the get go. 

Once you meet in person, the rest is up to natural chemistry. But you will already be ahead of the curve because your basic “deal breakers” are already sorted out. 

Yet a major problem I’ve noticed time and time again is this… Many men do not know how to present themselves online in a way that is attractive to quality women. 

Online Dating Coaching for Men

Your first impression online is crucial in the cyber dating world. 

I’ve scrolled through thousands of profiles on dating websites over the past decade of assumably “good guys” who are getting left in the dust. WHY? 

Crappy marketing material, mediocre sales copy, and unimpressive print ads that are creating a downward spiral of ROI…. no wonder women are not responding! 

Online Dating Coaching for Men www.ScarletAmor.comThink of online dating like a business proposal. YOU are the brand you are marketing.

Are you putting your best foot forward with your offer (ie: sharing a remarkable relationship with YOU), or are you throwing up a ten year old fishing photo in haste with an unrealistic expectation of return for your efforts?

I know what women are looking for when they scroll, and what they will immediately get turned off by.  

Allow me to be your virtual matchmaker!

I offer online dating coaching and dating website profile makeovers for successful men who are seeking their ideal match online.

For the past decade I worked as a professional intimacy and relationship coach for well to do gentlemen, CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs.

I am accepting a limited number of clients to work with me exclusively, one-on-one, to personalize your online dating profile with your best interests in mind… to help you find your true love!

Men I work with:

  • Men who are succeeding in their careers and have extra cash for fancy dates, but are still single.
  • Men who clearly desire a long term relationship and are done with hooking up, casual dating, and heartbreak.
  • Men who have invested time, energy and resources into personal growth workshops, books and courses such as Landmark, The Good Men Project or other self improvement programs.
  • Men who have been told they have good communication skills and have “done the work” to build up emotional intelligence.

We are probably not a match if:

  • You are “playing the field” and prefer “no strings attached” relationships.
  • You are still trying to figure out what you want to do with your life or your career.
  • You have not taken time to heal your heart from previous divorces or significant past relationships.
  • You have a history of cheating and have left your previous partners bitter and disappointed.
  • You are under 30 years old and make less than $75,000 a year. 

How it works:

  1. If you feel you quality for my program, choose from the TINDER SPECIAL or the PREMIUM ONLINE DATING PACKAGE.
  2. Once payment clears, I will email you an initial questionnaire to fill out and have you provide links to your current dating profile for me to review.
  3. We set up a time for a LIVE coaching consultation and interview which will take place over Skype.
  4. I work behind the scenes to help you pick out the best photos to use, re-write your copy, and review everything until you are satisfied with the makeover and post the update online.
  5. We follow up by email to answer any questions you have and check in on your progress.
  6. If we click and you desire an ongoing coaching relationship, I have premium coaching packages available to select clients.

The Online Dating Profile Makeover Packages:



Tinder is a one swipe dating app to find local singles in your area. This is by far the most cutting edge dating website around to meet available women, without all the hassle of reading through long profiles or paying for extra services. It’s FREE and easy to use!

I will help you:

  • Pick out the BEST 5 photos to use for your profile that will flood your inbox with potential matches.
  • Help you write your one paragraph of copy that will authentically represent you, your interests, and relationship intentions in a way that will encourage quality women to respond.
  • Give you advice on how to approach women with private messages so you can weed out bad matches and line up dates with the good ones.
  • Coach you on building confidence, charm and integrity so you will KNOW when you’ve meet the right woman and how to make the next move.
  • Follow up on your progress and answer any additional questions you may have.



This package is for creating a profile on more extensive dating websites, such as OKCupid, eHarmony, SeekingArrangement or These sites require writing more copy, personal statistics and searching for matches, plus impressive private messaging before you land your first date.

The focus of this package is the additional one-on-one private coaching sessions to help you find your perfect match and navigate the online dating world like a champ.

I will help you:

  • Pick out the best dating website and select features that will create the best ROI.
  • Assist with choosing the BEST photos and headlines to use on your profile.
  • Help you re-write your copy or create new copy from our interview and questionnaire that authentically represents YOU.
  • We will have TWO live coaching sessions, one initial interview to help set up your profile, and a follow up coaching session once it is live and you’ve interacted with a few women (within one months time of starting the program).
  • I provide a real woman’s perspective on how you come off online versus your true personality, and build a bridge so you can successfully embark on your dating adventure and find your mate.

You deserve a good woman to share your life with.

Let’s work together to help make your online dating experience easy, enjoyable and successful!

Click on a package above and expedite you efforts to find true love.

Online Dating Coaching for Men

Still have questions? CONTACT ME and I’d be happy to chat online and guide you in the right direction. Happy swiping, and good luck!