Dakini Chronicles eBook Series

Book Cover Image for "The Dakini Chronicles: The Secret Adventures of an Erotic Masseuse" a memoir by Scarlet Amor“Think mantra’s, massage and a happy ending… all for $200 an hour, plus tips.” ~Miss Scarlet

The Dakini Chronicles series follows Scarlet’s secret erotic diary during a year long adventure moving from a small town as a single mom on food stamps to working sixty hours a week in an underground “Tantric” massage parlour on the Hollywood strip while aiming to make it big as an artist and find the man of her dreams.

In between steamy client stories and work trips to San Francisco and New York City, Scarlet dances through bumping night clubs, dating mishaps, wild sex parties, work drama, late night adventures with her Dakini Sisters, spiritual epiphanies and moving back in with Mother which eventually brings Scarlet closer to resolution with the dark past she’d prefer to keep in the closet.

It’s no longer about “Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll.” The Dakini Chronicles series tells a hip new story of erotic expression, sexual healing, psychedelics, electronic dance music, romantic longings and spiritual awakening from the revealing voice of a sassy modern Dakini Diva searching for true love in a sea of glitz and glam.


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Readers Rave Over The Dakini Chronicles

In this ground-breaking story, Scarlet gives us a glimpse into a world that few have ever imagined – the world of an erotic priestess. Very different from the diary of a call girl or escort, Scarlet’s journey is one of bringing healing and sacredness to men in forms they can easily understand and integrate: feminine beauty and sensuality; erotic touch; and authentic intimate coaching and guidance. Scarlet reveals her deepest fears and vulnerabilities along with her strength and power in a way that leaves us wanting to know so much more. ~ Amrita Grace, Executive Director of Divine Feminine Institute, Author of “Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness,” and Spiritual Sexual Educator.

Introduction to The Dakini Chronicles

Well, first off you should know the state of Dakini-dom in this modern world:


This is a secret diary.


We are moving closer to cultural maturity around accepting the oldest profession on earth. But until the day comes when I will not get burned at the stake for my work, I will have to keep my identity secret.


I will have to hide my excellent profession from my parents and most friends. I will continue to hesitate and tell a shifty mysterious story when people ask me what I do for a living. Or why I am going to the city again. Or whats up with those sexy pictures you accidentally saw on my hard drive last night. Or why I have two phones and only answer the red one in the bathroom.


But my story will be shared loud and clear regardless. Because it needs to be heard. Because we all can evolve from clearing our judgements and stigmas around our sexuality. Me too. I still have my own issues. And I am willing to be completely transparent about my “stuff” behind the veil of this story. Allow it to enlighten you.


Thats the true purpose of a “Dakini” anyways. To embody spirit. To transfer ancient wisdom through the grace of her dance. To receive the records of the Universe through her eyes. To be healed and renewed by her loving touch. To be skyrocketed into infinity and back by her sexual essence. To discover who you truly are in her divine reflection.


She is a sky dancer, a visitor from the stars, taking residence in a human vessel from time to time on Earth. She is cosmic, baby. Her purpose is to inspire transformation in her seekers. Here for just a moment, and then suddenly…she flies away.


And you will never be the same.


I am Miss Scarlet.


And YOU, dear one, have just opened up the pages of my most secret diary.


Welcome to The Dakini Chronicles.


xox ~ Scarlet Amor

Have I captured your interest?

I notice that rise in your pants and fluttering in your heart!

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