No Soulmate? Become an Expert on Being Single, Heartbroken and Always Seeking True Love!


No Soulmate? Become an Expert at Being Single! By“I’m a relationship expert on being single, heartbroken and always seeking true love!” ~ Scarlet Amor

Funny thing is, a decade ago I had this vision/goal that I would be a best selling co-author on “transformational soulmate relationships” and would be traveling the world sharing this message with my future partner to help other couples create the “conscious relationships” of their dreams. I envisioned our photo on the cover, our spot on Oprah, the sold out workshops we’d lead, and our beautiful ocean view home we’d share with our family and friends from the fruits of our labor of love, soul purpose and inspiration.

That dream had turned into a nightmare… well, more so, it just got sidetracked. Ten years later, after a handful of short-term soulmate relationships and a boatload of heartbreak…. I’m still single. LOL @ myself!

I’ve inspired plenty of my clients, friends and lovers to find soulmate relationships, many who now have rings on their fingers. For years I dug through deep layers of grief around, “WTF! Why not ME? I’ve written books on this stuff, I’ve done the inner work, I’ve given it my all, where the fuck is MY soulmate and relationship dream come true?!!”

The most recent relationship I was in kicked my ASS. We weren’t “soulmates”, we were “woundmates”!  After discovering that the illusion of our partnership was all a sham, ie: he was having an affair behind my back the whole time and ran off with another woman, the last stabbing words on his way out the door was, “You call yourself a relationship coach, Scarlet? You are a hypocrite!” OBVIOUSLY a rude projection to cover up his shame and betrayal, but it still cut deep.

No Soulmate? Become an Expert at Being Single! By

But that is when it hit me. I still experienced exponential soul growth through that failed relationship. And that the destination towards seeking such a dreamy soulmate partnership has been my leverage for personal growth.

When I keep working on myself to prepare for a partner and grow in leaps and bounds through the fuck ups and heart breaks along the way, I am still being transformed by soulmate love. I have found a deeper connection and spiritual empowerment within MYSELF in the most remarkable ways during all these years that I’ve been SINGLE.

That is why my platform has shifted to “The Sexy Single’s Survival Guide to Ascension: Dating Tips for Spiritual Hipsters in the New Age” – I am an expert at being single, heartbroken and always seeking true soulmate love with the intention of personal growth and transformation.

"Relation-Shift" eCourse by www.ScarletAmor.comThe first edition of this series is kind of working backwards on this journey towards finding soulmate love: “How To Break Up With Your Soulmate Like a Spiritual Rockstar!” There are many soul lessons to be learned when your heart is broken and a relationship ends. You can read more about this eCourse here.

No matter how many bumps in the road I’ve hit, I will never give up on true love. The solution is so simple, yet probably one of the hardest lessons to learn when we are feeling lonely and single: The most ideal soulmate in the world is YOURSELF. So love as if it is your last day on earth and romance the fuck out of your soul along the way!

Scarlet Amor