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Empowered Women in Love…

heart  Design their Dream Life Plan around their Romantic Vision of their Dream Soulmate Partnership

heart  Transform their Personal Blind Spots and Take Responsibility for their Life and Previous Relationships

heart  Create a New Dating Game Plan to be Courted by Quality Evolved Men who are ready to Commit and pursue Marriage

heart  Rock Out their Careers, Hobbies, Health and Wealth and are Not Afraid to Go Big

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Ladies, are you generally stoked on life….
but you have that nagging inner voice screaming

Women ask me all the time… how did you find your true love, Scarlet?

The short answer: Radical self-love practices, a long series of relationships to remind me of what I didn’t want, and incessantly digging through all the shit that was holding me back from aligning with my Dream Man!

To be transparent, I was one of those women who had a short-sighted “Goddess Complex”.

10422267_927867097265655_5163927907312455385_nI was so single-mindedly dedicated to my personal growth, independence and this fairy-tale dream of a romantic soulmate partnership that I was left feeling lost and lonely with my head in the clouds wondering “where are all the evolved men at?!!!”

Let me tell you a secret: These guys live back down on Earth, and they are a beautiful works in progress, just like YOU!

It wasn’t until I had my heart shattered into pieces after my last breakup that I finally hit rock bottom and hired dating coaches, therapists, and a few psychics to help me smell my shit from the roses and clean up my dating game plan. It wasn’t the guys I was dating that were the problem… it was me.

Finding true love is an inside job.

MY RELATIONSHIP STORY: I was once in a traditional boxed in marriage, had a baby, then we divorced. For the next decade I read every book on the market to “manifest your soulmate” while I jumped around between friends with benefits, polyamorous relationships, bouts of celibacy, had passionate lovers, dated a hippie artist, dated a man of ethnicity, dated rich old men, dated married couples, tried dating women… I even married myself at one point!

Let’s just say I’ve been around the block with this… deep down inside my #1 soul mission was to find my true love and settle the fuck down.

Yet in the meantime I was trying to prove to myself that I can be radically independent and don’t NEED a man!

I was so focused on being a powerhouse woman on my business mission supporting myself (and my daughter) financially, taking care of my own emotional and sexual needs, and being a “healer” for these pansy men I was attracting… THAT MY FEMININE ESSENCE WAS FADING. 

12715783_10207435488798561_1693244937392826747_nI wanted a STRONG man in my life, a “King”… a powerful gentleman who would protect my precious heart and coax the soft woman inside of me to come out of the closet.

It wasn’t until I discovered my personal blind spots, surrendered to the POWER OF YIN and stepped into a new phase of empowered womanhood that the “battle of the sexes” shifted and I began to attract KINGS into my dating pool!

Long story short, I finally found my life partner… our relationship is downright dreamy and remarkable. I am happier than ever and madly in committed soulmate level love! #twitterpated

It was not an easy path to get here. It did not necessarily happen overnight. I had to face my shadow side, take responsibility for my past relationships, and re-design the way I was dating before I woke the fuck up and found my man!

I learned a lot of lessons along the way, both in my own dating life and by coaching others (I’ve been a relationship coach for both men and women for the past 20 years). That is why I created the EMPOWERED WOMEN IN LOVE MASTERY PROGRAM!


I want all my rockstar sisters to have remarkable love and soulmate level partnership like I am experiencing now!

My mission is to help women discover the fast track to radical personal growth so you can magnetize the man of your dreams.

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My life and love coaching program is one-on-one, intelligently intuitive and tailored to your personal needs and desires to go deep into the blindspots that are holding you back from true love and support you on your dating journey.

heart  I offer a “MONTH LONG JAM SESSION PACKAGE” where we can focus on a specific need or goal in a short amount of time with a powerful impact.

heart  Or the complete “MASTERY PROGRAM PACKAGE” where we create a longer term commitment for complete transformation and relationship support. 

*I only accept serious inquiries for the Mastery Program by filling out THIS APPLICATION FORM and having an interview to see if we are the perfect match: APPLY HERE!


Sometimes we get stuck in a bind and just need to talk to a Soul Sister to sort our heart out.

This session can be used to focus on a specific question, dating concern, or blind spot that is ready for a breakthrough!

The Silver Package includes ONE 90-minute intensive Skype video call with Scarlet, plus follow up email support for one week.

Internet Special: Normally priced at $247USD, I am offering a limited number of SILVER PACKAGE calls at $100 off!

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* This offer is for WOMEN ONLY! After your purchase, you will be requested to fill out an INTAKE FORM so we can get the most out of our time together. Sessions are generally scheduled within one week of purchase, and must be redeemed within one month of purchase. If for any reason Scarlet feels we are an unfit match (ie: you are a guy), your monies may be returned, less a 20% processing fee.


Maybe you feel a bit timid to jump on Skype and you just want to test out the waters. The BRONZE PACKAGE may be a good fit for you!

Email your question to Scarlet describing your dating situation or relationship inquiry, and I will take my time to offer you my heart felt advice in writing.

$20 USD – Click to Purchase One “Ask Scarlet a Question” Package

* After purchase, send Scarlet your question (along with your proof of purchase or paypal transaction number) via my CONTACT FORM. I will do my best to reply within one week of purchase. If Scarlet feels the question is inappropriate or too long, your monies may be returned (less a 20% processing fee if deemed inappropriate).


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