To Poly or Not to Poly? Find True Love Faster Podcast


Find True Love Faster PodcastScarlet Amor is a retired sex, love and intimacy coach.  

Is her sex-positive-poly-past blocking her from finding the love of her life?

Does she know too much for her own good?

We are more than a little excited to dive in with this luscious lady.

This is a vulnerable share…

There I was, a professional love coach and author, single and heart broken with a sack full of my own relation-shit. And all I desired was to find my true love!

I was at the end of my rope after a rough break up. All the dating advice I would give to my clients was not working out for my own romantic adventures. I needed a relationship coach of my own to show me my blind spots and help me get back on track.

When I was referred to dating coaches Wendy and Jolene of “Find True Love Faster” to be a guest on their podcast, I knew these ladies were going to rock my world.

One of the issues that was holding me back was grasping my sex positive past and how it relates to fidelity in the here and now. “To Poly or Not to Poly,” that has often been a heated question for me in regards to my ultimate relationship desires.

You see, I’m “Poly-ish” when I’m single and dating casually, and yet I deeply desire Monogamy when I am in a committed relationship. 

Find True Love Faster PodcastComing with a sex-positive history has made some of my previous relationships challenging. My partners often got triggered, felt threatened, and began to doubt my fidelity after learning that I was a polyamorous sex coach back in the day. 

Yet when I am in love I am completely committed, old fashioned and a one man kinda girl. I am super fucking loyal and sexually integrous when it comes down to a serious relationship. It was confusing to them, and to me – these two side of my conflicting intimate life.

Even deeper is my pain story around men betraying me. You know, my inner shadow relation-shit and karmic dirty laundry. This is what was really holding me back from finding true and lasting love.

I was so wounded from my past that it was hard for me to believe that a loyal and monogamous man would accept me as I am, dirty laundry and all.

These women blew past all my crap in less than one hour and helped me re-wire my entire relationship story around polyamory and monogamy. They pointed me towards what I truly desire for fidelity in a way that works for me and my unique history that I could never have seen on my own. I was set straight, then magic happened!

Listen to my podcast interview here:

Find True Love Faster Podcast

I was so jazzed up after the interview that I joined their Dating Bootcamp course and dove into the exercises. Every love coach needs a love coach, and I was ready to gain a new perspective on how I was approaching dating. 

Find True Love Faster PodcastI was only three chapters into the eCourse when I met my true love. On the beach. A mile from my home. And it was love at first sight!

He was everything that I stated in the podcast and more. There is great power in claiming your intentions with witnesses to hear your call. Your word becomes set in motion. 

I am so glad I decided to go public and share my relationship story on their show. And I hope you can find a gem in listening to my vulnerable coaching session with these remarkable women who kicked my ass and set my heart on fire.

Because guess fucking what…. it worked for me!

Three days later I met my ONE, but that is a story for another blog.

P.S. Check out Wendy and Jolene’s Podcast series and the eCourse that helped me find my true love faster HERE!

Find True Love Faster Podcast