“It’s Complicated” A Facebook Guide On How To Deal With A Relationship Break Up Online


FB Guide To Breaking Up by Scarlet AmorBreaking up with your Soulmate SUCKS.

What was once a fanciful dream relationship:

One made of tagged status updates, adorable “out on the town” mugshots and cover photos of you and your mate… 

Turns into:


Followed up by:


Along with a over-edited woo woo public announcement that you and your Soulmate have parted ways, yet love each other forever…

Facebook Guide for Breaking Up by www.scarletamor.com

You’ve agreed to stop contacting each other. 

The texts and phone calls end. 

I know it hurts.

You are trying to move on and put your Soulmate out of your mind.

but the second you login…


They are everywhere. Haunting your newsfeed. Following your every post. Lingering on your top friends list. Watching you.

Would you like to transition out of this relationship respectfully, WITH LOVE and still save face?

In this guide you will discover spiritually hip cyber manners for breaking up with your Soulmate on Facebook (and perhaps a few tearful laughs):

  • When to change your relationship status.
  • Tips on how to remove your ex from your newsfeed.
  • Why you should avoid “blocking” your ex.
  • Facebook hacks on how to block your ex politely.
  • Secret tricks on hiding posts from your ex.
  • Why you should never bad talk them in posts.
  • How to advertise for your next Soulmate.
  • Pointers on reaching spiritually hip ascension status.

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congrats on break up by scarlet amor

FB Guide To Breaking Up by Scarlet Amor


If you’ve ever been heartbroken and struggled with how to break up on Facebook, you’ll love this eBook.

“Bang on. I laughed because it was so true!”

“Witty, amusing, enlightening.”

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