Tips and Tricks For Your Next Dakini Photo Shoot


Dakini Photo Shoot Tips www.scarletamor.comEvery working Dakini knows a photo is the key to a successful business.

When posting advertisements for sacred sexual healing on adult websites, you need to stand out among those slutty escorts and charlatan masseuses.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind for your next Dakini photo shoot:

Dakini Photo Shoot Tips

1) Sit in lotus position with your hands in prayer. The use of a flowing silk robe is ideal for costuming and can be purchased in any China Town nearby so you can look “certified spiritual”. 

2) Lay in front of an altar. A Shiva Nataraja statue should be significantly placed in the shot. Lots of mood candles and smokey incense will add a mystic quality to help you look Tantra chic.

3) Ocean shoot with orgasmic waves crashing behind you, arms open and welcoming, your facial expression as if you are having a kundalini-gasm. A white full length dress, preferably organic bamboo cotton that you paid $250 for at a yoga music festival, is ideal.

4) A picture of you in India. This can also be staged at your local Indian food restaurant. Hari Krishna Temples are a good substitute if you are stealth, but be cautious to avoid being converted.

5) An alternative to the altar shot can be posed with a Tibetan singing bowl, Native American looking feathers and a stick of sage. Look serious and Shamanic.

Dakini Photo Shoot Tips www.scarletamor.com6) Anything with a fancy hand mudra. It’s our version of Tantric crip language.

7) If you want to go risqué, try a rose garden and a sarong, but be sure to reveal your tits.

8) Find a male model to sit with you in Yab Yum on your bed and appear as if you are soul gazing in a deep Tantric trace. But do make sure he doesn’t look like he’s concentrating on taking a shit. Yes, I’ve seen it before.

9) Pose anywhere in nature. The more hippie the better. Consider not shaving the week before.

10) Most Dakini’s show their face in their photos. Cropping or blacking out the face is likely to put you in the escort category. If the photo is of a close up of your ass, crotch or cleavage you have missed the point entirely.

Good luck with your next photo shoot!

Post your pictures in the comments below…

An excerpt from The Dakini Chronicles by Scarlet Amor

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  • Tantra Erica

    super funny and spot on…. I may have to omit my ass pic though. It is a fine ass if I don’t say so myself. 😉