Dakini Diva’s, A New Feminine Archetype and The Case of “The Sexy Alien Angel From The Stars”


There are many connotations to the word “DAKINI.”

Most people can’t pronounce it. Other’s give me the raised eyebrow when the word is uttered in public. Certain adepts get it and give me a high five.

Wikipedia says a Dakini is a “Tantric deity described as a female embodiment of enlightened energy.”

In modern times, it is a code word for a spiritualized sex worker.

Why do I choose to claim this title in the name of YUM?

I’m not just following the spiritual hipster lingo branding myself as a modern neo-Tantric professional provider (although I am). For me it’s in the roots, beyond outdated scriptures and dogmatic his-torical fables.

The DAKINI is an archetype that every woman on this planet can embody. It is a term of endearment for those women who naturally transform peoples lives simply by being in her juicy, sexually empowered, artistically creative divine hot yoga mama presence. She’s comfortable with her sensuality and enlightened by human interactions. She is a muse that gives you a rise in your knickers and turns on your mind at the same time. She’s enlighteningly sexy and she knows it.

And you don’t have to be a new age sex worker to claim it.

I encourage women around the world to re-embrace the archetype of the MODERN DAKINI DIVA.

This is MY proclamation. What is yours?

I AM A DAKINI DIVA: “I am a sexy alien angel from the stars, a celestial sky dancer, a secret agent of cosmic love residing undercover on this planet in human form to spark transformation in my seekers with my seductive song and dance. The light in my eyes speaks volumes of timeless wisdom to the heart, shaking your kundalini awake to help us all remember who we truly are. Here for just a moment, and then she flies away…

And Hollywood is my home. I roll with luscious visionary bohemians and fashionable spiritual hipsters in caked organic make up to disguise our angel roots. I’m a DAKINI DIVA, dammit. Jump on my starship for the ride of your life and I’ll play dubstep with your root chakra and send sparks flying out of your ears… that is IF you are willing to open your heart to my cosmic love sauce. Boom shakalaka.”

xox ~ Scarlet Amor ~ Author of The Dakini Chronicles