Scarlet Amor’s Coming Out of the Closet Party


scarlet_amor_111I have a vulnerable confession to make…

I’ve been hiding in the closet for too long, and it’s time to COME OUT!

Have you ever had the Universe kick your ass so hard that you had no other choice but to wake up and create drastic change in your life?

Well I have a story to share with you. I’m feeling both terrified and invigorated – not because of any real fear, but because I am excited for this HUGE expansion that is happening!

Watch my video message below to hear my tale that may inspire YOU to come out of hiding as well.

Please forgive me for playing small, hiding in fear, and not sharing my full authentic self with you. 

As a business mentor, I encourage my clients (many who are sacred sexual healers themselves) to find the courage to go public, but I have been short changing many of you because I have not done the same. I am sorry for being out of integrity and not being the role model I strive to be for my sisters.

All of that is changing now! 

It takes a lot of courage to go public with my ballsy opinions, for not everyone will resonate or agree with my views on the world based on my own personal experiences. And that is fine. Take it or leave it, I am finding my voice again…

Stay tuned for my upcoming radio podcast show SOUL, SEX & LOVE WITH SCARLET AMOR, along with many more video messages and educational series!

Thank you for sticking through this journey with me…

Much Love,

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  • Devika/The Techy Tantrika

    YEAHHHH congrats Scarlet! ^_^ <3