Business Mentoring Program

Scarlet Amor offers an exclusive one-on-one Business Mentoring Program
for ambitious and self motivated Sexy Solopreneurs


Are you a Sexy Solopreneur?

  1. You have a sexy, self-expressive, juicy, sensual, radiant, enticing, passionate personality.

  2. You are a self-motivated, ambitious creative professional who likes to work from home and on the road.

  3. You are a transformational coach, mentor, speaker, teacher, leader, muse in the personal growth and relationship industry.

  4. You are inspired to run your own business, work for yourself, and manage a small team to support you as an expert in your field. 

  5. And… perhaps you secretly moonlight with a job in the Adult Industry and you are tired of hiding in the closet!

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“I am a Dakini who contacted Scarlet Amor for Career Mentoring as I have been looking for a way to share my erotic writings in a safe and profitable way online. I found her to be knowledgeable, resourceful and very encouraging. Scarlet got me started on the first steps with some concrete homework assignments. I felt seen and honored by Scarlet and left with feeling empowered to make my dreams come true. I definitely felt I got my money’s worth and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!” ~ Sonia Luna, Author

Scarlet’s Business Mentoring Program is a one-on-one transformational coaching experience for Sexy Solopreneurs.

On the surface? It’s about helping smart and sexy women like you create a business strategy to eventually retire from the Erotic Healing Arts industry (or your boring day job that feels like whoring away your time).

AND build the foundation for a new career path that you’ve always “really” wanted to do.

You know. Like creating that yoga studio in the tropics. Or having a job where you get to keep your clothes on. Or creating an online business while you raise your future babies / or travel the world / or both.

But really? This program is about empowerment.

It’s about do-it-yourself entrepreneurship.

It’s about coming out of the closet so you can make big waves in the world.

It’s designed for women who are ready to kick ass and make it happen NOW — but struggle with knowing what the next step is.

By the end of our mentoring journey, you will understand how to …

: Build a brand that represents your unique gifts and stunning personality.
: Create a step by step business plan to launch your new business, or amplify one that needs a little boost.
: Monetize your website, write blogs, publish eBooks, and build your mailing lists.
: Develop a juicy marketing plan for social media, newsletters and networking opportunities.
: Create online coaching programs, digital education products, live workshops, retreats and high-end intensives.
: Have confidence to come out of the closet, pursue your dream career, manage your finances, and clear the way for success.

And best of all, you will have the experience of working with a business and life coach who won’t judge you for being in the adult industry or wanting to become a sexy love coach.

“She’s excellent! If you’re transitioning to a new platform or just need to up your game in your present line of work, this woman will start you on a miracle path to success. Best investment you will ever make in yourself and your business.” ~ Piper Belfast, Sex Biz Coach

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We did everything from Branding, Email Opt-In Gifts, Mailchimp Newsletter Set Up, eBook Publication, Coaching Program Outline, Copywriting, Marketing Plan, Social Media Set Up, Digital Products and Online Courses, Website Design, Promotional Graphics, Contracts/Handouts, Business Mindset… and we became JV Partners and Best Friends in the end!

I have also worked with world renowned Relationship and Sex Coach Gurus such as Charles Muir – Triambika Ma Vive – The Love Guru Tziporah

Grab your smudge stick and laptop and get ready to rumble. The world needs you. Yes, YOU!

Business Mentoring with Scarlet Amor

About a year ago I was completely depressed and overwhelmed as a Provider. My goal in the beginning was to make enough money in order to retire, clear my debt, and enter my true calling as a filmmaker. Before my first mentoring session with Scarlet I admit I was apprehensive, but after the first 5 minutes I felt like everything was finally clear. Every question I had was answered. My business plan was formulated. And now, only after a week, I feel a significant shift in my finances, as well as in my spirit. I went from looking at this job as a ‘job’, but because of Scarlet I now see myself as a healer. If your a Provider and need direction I strongly recommend you book an appointment. Thank You!! ~ Nirvana Summer, Women’s Empowerment Coach


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Please note, I no longer offer intimacy coaching for men. If you are interested in a referral for an amazing tantra teacher, CLICK HERE for more information. Kindly respect that I do NOT offer erotic services, nor will I give out any provider referrals, thank you!