Bondassage, BDSM and The Case Of “Tie Me Up & Tickle My Chakras”


www.Bondassage.com50 Shades. It has become a household name to horny wives reaching for sexual liberation. (Bite my lip!)

But how about BDSM plus FBSM?

Allow me clue you in on a professional sensual massage technique that is starting to blow up like wildfire. Have you heard of it?


It is a combination of light kink, erotic bodywork, sensory play, bondage, and a whole lotta healing goin’ on. 

Creator Jaeleen Bennis shares how she designed this technique after her frustrations with the traditional sensual massage industry and desire to incorporate light BDSM practices with her services. The combination of FBSM, BDSM and therapeutic bodywork transformed into the unique massage technique she has branded and is spreading across the globe. To find out more, read her interview with Annie Sprinkle HERE.

This trademarked system is offered by certified Bondassage therapists around the world. Plus they have a professional training for bodyworkers wishing to pursue this fantastically kinky sensual healing practice.

Whether you are looking to get tied up on the massage table yourself or desire to learn this technique to share with your loved ones and friends, Bondassage teachers also offer private courses for you to learn how to do it yourself.

Mark my word: Bondassage is the next big thing in the Erotic Healing Arts!

If it sparks your interest and you decide to sign up for the training program, please tell them Scarlet Amor sent you!

P.S. Ladies, don’t be shy! Bondassage sessions are available for women to receive too. Tickle your chakras?

xox ~Scarlet Amor

  • Jaeleen

    Fabulous article, Scarlet ~ thank you so much for the shout out. I absolutely love what you’re doing and I can’t wait to read your new book!

    • The regard is mutual, darling! Keep up the good work. xox