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What Neo-Tantric Dakini’s Actually Do


The Neo-Tantric Dakini. As sacred sexuality bubbles to the surface of modern erotic culture and more woman chose the path of spiritual sex work in the name of the divine, this catch phrase is beginning to make Backpage headlines and viral Facebook memes.

Calling oneself a “Tantric Dakini” (most hipsters drop the “Neo” part for linguistics sake) is a badge of honor worn by women who work as sensual healers and muses in the Western sacred sexuality industry.

This is not to be confused with “Classical Tantra” from lineages of ancient Hindu and Tibetan yogic cultures. Lineage Tantricas pretty much HATE Modern Neo-Tantrics and their use of the “T” word and our infatuation with sexual yoga… but I digress. 

The Neo-Dakini practices meditation, breath work and yoga inspired from ancient spiritual cultures with a New Age twist. Images of Shiva and Shakti are plastered on her walls like pop star idols. She purrs through her daily practice of pelvic curls and wiggles during Vipassana to adjust her jade egg situated up her vaginal canal. There is a glow about her because her kundalini flows effortlessly during yab yum and on the dance floor. She is a sexy yogini, dedicated to her path of reclaiming divine pleasure through the art of conscious loving and has been known to chant Sanskrit mantras when she orgasms.

There are plenty of courses you can take to be trained and certified as a Tantric Dakini in a matter of a weekend, IF you have a thousand dollars or so stashed under your bed (she prefers to call her bed an “altar to love”). But no training, guru, text book or thousand dollar piece of certified paperwork can transform you into a Dakini over night.

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FBSM “Phone Etiquette” How to Book a Sensual Massage like a Proper Gentleman


Do you know the 8 Rules for Booking a Sensual Massage? You would think most men would know how to pick up the phone and politely book a FBSM appointment as he would with his doctor or therapist. Professionally. But for some reason in the Erotic Arts world some guys take this simple phone call as an opportunity to be slimy creeps on the tele and ask inappropriate questions. Watch the video and learn.

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A perfect client would say something like this:

“Hi Scarlet, this is John Jones, MD, from Jones and Associates here in Hollywood. I saw you ad on this weeks listing of LA Weekly. I’d like to book a two hour tantra massage session tomorrow at 2pm, or whenever is convenient for your schedule. Here is my LinkedIn profile along with a name and phone number of a local provider who can vouch for me. Also, here is my Redbook handle. I am looking forward to (quote my ad text verbatim) and giving you a raving five star review after our session. Do you like wine and roses? Just checking to see if it is appropriate to bring you a gift. Thank you so much for your time.”

A fantasy, really.

Unfortunately, most calls go like this:

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BDSM, Tantra and Sexual Healing – An Erotic Short Story


"I Feel In Love Once He Cuffed Me"“Get down on your knees,” he says.

His eyes were commanding yet full of fire and adoration. It wasn’t a request. He was so grounded and assured of his power that I could only blush in response.

Hesitating for a moment I wasn’t sure what to do. It seemed silly, a command that normally would be reprimanding, yet the way he said it I somehow felt honored.

I knew that once I knelt in the spot he was pointing at on the hard wood floor facing the wall I would no longer have a say in how our night was going to proceed.

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