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“It’s Complicated” A Facebook Guide On How To Deal With A Relationship Break Up Online


FB Guide To Breaking Up by Scarlet AmorBreaking up with your Soulmate SUCKS.

What was once a fanciful dream relationship:

One made of tagged status updates, adorable “out on the town” mugshots and cover photos of you and your mate… 

Turns into:


Followed up by:


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Trust Is An Aphrodisiac: How To Read A Woman’s Sexual Cues and Honor Her Boundaries In The Bedroom


Trust is an Aphrodisiac by www.ScarletAmor.comIt is crucial to respect a woman’s boundaries in the bedroom. 

It doesn’t matter if she is your wife of 20 years, or you are on a flirtatious first date…. NO means NO. Even if it was a YES a moment ago.

So there you are in the bedroom. You two are plowing forward, clothes scattered on the floor, wet kisses on every body crevice…. then out of the blue she tenses up and says, “Wait, stop, slow down!”

WTF? Your boner received the command: “Full Steam Ahead!”, but suddenly there are alarms ringing a warning bell that there is a dangerous iceberg ahead… and you didn’t hear it.

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“Soulmate” Relationships, Disappointment, And What To Do When Your Partner Is Not Dedicated To Personal Growth


Debunking the Ideal "Soulmate" Relationship by www.scarletamor.comAre you still dreaming of the PERFECT “Soulmate” relationship that is focused on spiritual growth as PARTNERS?

I’ve been reflecting quite a bit on this dreamy idealist vision I have of being in a transformational partnership with a Beloved/mate where we are both dedicated to our personal growth… with the relationship being a cauldron for that intention.

You know, one of those “conscious relationships” where personal transformation is the #1 purpose of being together, soulmate style, and the romance and companionship are secondary. A relationship with a higher purpose, per say.

It’s a tall order to expect someone to fit into that idealistic box we conceive in our minds.

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Singles, OK Cupid Profiles, And The Case Of Decoding Online Dating Jargon


Online Dating Jargon with Scarlet AmorOnline dating.

If you’ve ever logged in to Ok Cupid or, you’ve probably had to weed through dozens of boring profiles full of B.S. phrases that never get to the point.

Here is your DECODER RING to help you understand what these people REALLY mean:

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Sensual Providers, Retirement Plans, and The Case Of “The Dakini That Burnt Out”


www.ScarletAmor.comDear Sensual Providers: Sometimes your life passion and career as an Erotic Healing Artist may have an expiration date.

When what was once your spiritual mission, your passion path, your dream job come true… one day starts feeling like a burden, it may be time to reassess your career.

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Bondassage, BDSM and The Case Of “Tie Me Up & Tickle My Chakras”


www.Bondassage.com50 Shades. It has become a household name to horny wives reaching for sexual liberation. (Bite my lip!)

But how about BDSM plus FBSM?

Allow me clue you in on a professional sensual massage technique that is starting to blow up like wildfire. Have you heard of it?


It is a combination of light kink, erotic bodywork, sensory play, bondage, and a whole lotta healing goin’ on. 

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Relationship Deal Breakers, Second Chances and The Case of “The Drunkard That Got Away”


DealBreakerWhat are YOUR “Deal Breakers” in relationships?

You know, that black list of bad habits and unfortunate personality traits are zero tolerance in your book. Verbal abuse? Name your drug addiction? Ex porn star? Bad breath?

I know I have my “I will NEVER be in a relationship with you once I get one whiff of this behavior” list. Don’t me started, once I get going my mind can run on and on about what I DON’T want in a relationship. I was hurt in the past and vowed I would never deal with that bullshit from anyone ever again!

But is this zero tolerance attitude healthy for those of us on the path of personal growth and spiritual transformation?

Recently I’ve had second thoughts on my “Deal Breakers”…..

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Dakini Diva’s, A New Feminine Archetype and The Case of “The Sexy Alien Angel From The Stars”


There are many connotations to the word “DAKINI.”

Most people can’t pronounce it. Other’s give me the raised eyebrow when the word is uttered in public. Certain adepts get it and give me a high five.

Wikipedia says a Dakini is a “Tantric deity described as a female embodiment of enlightened energy.”

In modern times, it is a code word for a spiritualized sex worker.

Why do I choose to claim this title in the name of YUM?

I’m not just following the spiritual hipster lingo branding myself as a modern neo-Tantric professional provider (although I am). For me it’s in the roots, beyond outdated scriptures and dogmatic his-torical fables.

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Facebook Crushes, Friend Requests and The Case of “Love At First Sight With a Profile Thumbnail”


Facebook crushes. Surely we have all done it at some point in our modern social networking lives: Develop a fanciful infatuation based on someone’s Facebook profile. Secretly stalk their page at the wee hours of the night and create marriage vows in our head based on a touched up photo or alluring status update they posted. A virtual romance sourced on a hopeful fantasy that this person might actually, finally, be “The One.”

Is it healthy? On one hand our crush can serve as a muse to inspire us to be a better person, just as a real budding relationship encourages us to step up our game. Hopeful romance as a path of personal evolution! But the other side of this elusive game can lead us into an unintentional black hole of illusion, false projections and utter disappointment. Be careful!

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Single Women, A Crush on Kute and The Case of “The MAN Breakthrough Experience”


I’m going to share a secret. I have a huge crush on Kute Blackson!

Here is a man who is every woman’s dream come true. Radiant, successful, inspirational, handsome, generous, grounded, fun-loving, authentic and spiritually in tune. And he just keeps paying it forward. Shows up 100%. A man with a mission. It’s downright sexy.

When I discovered this VIDEO on his new program “The MAN Breakthrough Experience” I knew right away this is unlike any “manifest your soulmate” workshop that has been offered before.

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