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Why Being a Powerhouse Goddess is Cockblocking You From Finding Your Soulmate


shutterstock_179865947Women ask me all the time… how did you find your true love, Scarlet?

The short answer: Radical self-love practices, a long series of relationships to remind me of what I didn’t want, and incessantly digging through all the shit that was holding me back from aligning with my Dream Man!

To be transparent, I was one of those women who had a short-sighted “Goddess Complex”.

I was so single-mindedly dedicated to my personal growth, independence and this fairy-tale dream of a romantic soulmate partnership that I was left feeling lost and lonely with my head in the clouds wondering “where are all the evolved men at?!!!”

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The Dakini Witch Hunt: Is She a Priestess or a Prostitute?


b171481b93aa41a5807bc04561841f2eThe underground world of Sacred Sexual Healing is under attack.

While the rest of the world is on the edge of their seats watching the ringside circus show of the United States Presidential Primaries and are rootin’ and tootin’ over “Feel the Bern” or “Thuck Drumpf” or “Hotties for Hilary”…

Did you hear about the Phoenix Goddess Temple police raid that happened a few years ago?

Long story short, the Tantric Temple Religious Leader Tracy Elise was found guilty last week on 22 counts in a case of “Is She a Priestess or a Prostitute”?

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Ask Scarlet: Polyamory, Infidelity and a Large Libido


*shutterstock_124098307Hey Scarlet,

I’ve read your great piece on “Infidelity Sucks: The Difference Between a One-Time Cheater and a Sociopath” about cheating, integrity, marriage/relationships and negotiating our primate sexuality.

As a man who hasn’t always been monogamous (with and without my partner’s approval), what suggestions do you have for folks like me that want to stay in integrity, are in relationships, but are dealing with high libidos and the desire for sexual diversity?

Thoughts, suggestions, ideas?


~ Large Libido

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Infidelity Sucks: The Difference Between a One-Time Cheater and a Sociopath


infidelity sucks featuredAuthors note: It took me over a year to find the courage to publish this blog post/rant (yes, I will be the first to admit there is an emotional charge here).

After experiencing the most heart wrenching betrayal of my life, I dove into deep study around the psychology of infidelity and sociopaths to better understand the situation I was dealing with.

With intensive therapy, soul searching and supportive talks with friends I finally pulled through the other side and found a trustworthy, loving partner who made all of this feel like ancient history.

I share my story now to help others smell the shit from the roses so you can run as fast as you can if you ever find yourself dating a sociopath.

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Three Things I Learned About Male Sexual Intimacy After Seeing 1,000 Cocks


1000 cocksI’ve seen a lot of cocks in my lifetime.

After providing hundreds of professional sensual massage sessions as a Dakini over the past decade, I’ve learned a thing or two about male sexual intimacy… and cocks.

Most of the “ah-ha” moments happened in dialogue and meditation part of my sessions over the years I worked as an Intimacy Coach.

The “sacred handjob” part was what THEY thought they were coming in for, but I usually pulled a bait and switch and became their enlightened sex therapist instead.

Over time I’ve witnessed countless men in full sexual arousal (and many others who couldn’t get it up), and I didn’t need to fuck them to gain these gems of wisdom about male sexual energy…

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Are You Suffering from “Soulmate Shock Syndrome”? {QUIZ}


soulmate shock syndromeDo you suffer from S.S.S.: Soulmate Shock Syndrome?

Definition: a condition from the aftereffects of meeting the love of your life (in particular a “Soulmate“) of whom you have been searching for forever.

Take the quiz below to find out for yourself!

Rest assured, there is help out there for those who are mad in love with Soulmate twitterpation….

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Vibrating Into Meeting Your Soulmate


Vibrating into meeting your SoulmateHe was right under my nose the whole time.

I’ve been seeking my life partner for the past decade, long after my previous marriage and divorce settled. I’ve experienced many loves, had several fulfilling 2-year long relationships, and yet never did I feel deep down in my heart that they were my “One” – the Soulmate I am destined to spend the rest of my life with.

I’ve done more sex magic to “Call in my Soulmate” than you can shake a stick at. I have a box full of journals with my lists of qualities of the Evolved Man I seek, Soulmate Manifestation homework assignments, and endless critical self analysis of my personal growth. I also have an uncanny gift of helping others find their Soulmates… but for some reason it just wasn’t happening for me.

It wasn’t so much about the man himself that I was seeking. More so it was about an experience. A future destiny I wanted to create for myself. A vision of my highest human potential that has been haunting me for decades. And I knew that without my Soulmate, certain things were not going to be possible.

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Five Signs You’ve Found An Evolved Man, And Why You Should Be Scared Shitless


The Evolved Man by

Authors Note: Before y’all get your panties in a bundle, allow me to explain my perspective on this article since it’s gone viral on the internet. I originally wrote it as a sarcastic parody piece to poke at all those overrated “5 signs” blogs and pretentious “evolved man” articles. Written with a slice of raw truth and humor, when it comes down to it this is intended to honor the men out there that ARE doing “the work” and for everyone to remember that we ALL are continual works in progress. Step off your Goddess pedestals, ladies, and one day your ONE will meet you face to face and join you on a journey of a lifetime!

For eight years I’ve been calling in a life partner…

Why did it take me so long? Because I was searching for the elusive “evolved man” – a mythical creature that exists in the dreamy minds of Goddess-type women who preach atop sparkly pedestals claiming they are not “being met” by the men they are currently dating.

I desired a partner who is remarkable, like me. And I would not settle for less until I found “him”… a man who is dedicated to a path of personal evolution, has a high vision of the life he wishes to live, and lives into it every day.

Yeah right, like I am perfect and evolved!

But I AM capable and willing to do “the work” to be a better human, so I figured my mate should be the same way.

What the heck is an “evolved man”, anyways? 

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To Poly or Not to Poly? Find True Love Faster Podcast


Find True Love Faster PodcastScarlet Amor is a retired sex, love and intimacy coach.  

Is her sex-positive-poly-past blocking her from finding the love of her life?

Does she know too much for her own good?

We are more than a little excited to dive in with this luscious lady.

This is a vulnerable share…

There I was, a professional love coach and author, single and heart broken with a sack full of my own relation-shit. And all I desired was to find my true love!

I was at the end of my rope after a rough break up. All the dating advice I would give to my clients was not working out for my own romantic adventures. I needed a relationship coach of my own to show me my blind spots and help me get back on track.

When I was referred to dating coaches Wendy and Jolene of “Find True Love Faster” to be a guest on their podcast, I knew these ladies were going to rock my world.

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Swiping for a Soulmate: 20 Tinder Do’s and Dont’s for Men Seeking True Love


Tinder Tips for Men Seeking a SoulmateTinder is a tantalizing online dating app that is modernizing the search for true love in the new age.

Although Tinder was originally designed as a “hook up” app (ie: let’s meet at a bar, get drunk, have casual sex and never call the next morning), you’ll be surprised to discover that a fair share of users are actually seeking authentic, long term, soulmate level love relationships.

Unfortunately a lot of “good guys” get abandoned in the “swipe left” dust because frankly… your profile SUCKS.

Gents, I want to help you find your true love! Touch up your Tinder profile with these 20 “Do’s and Don’ts” Tips:

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