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Kissing Frogs, Celebrating Men, Understanding Women & The Queens Code by Alison Armstrong


wg_frog_princeDid you know that what women naturally do best, often brings out the worst in men?

Sometimes women unconsciously cause men to treat us the opposite of what we really want: Competing instead of cherishing; fearing instead of trusting; treating with disdain instead of respect; keeping their distance instead of seeking emotional intimacy?

Men often say they cannot understand women, but one woman has spent her life decoding the battle of the sexes to help women better understand men.

Rediscover MEN with compassion, understanding and the ability to get what you need from them with less effort and more satisfaction for both of you. Gain a deep appreciation for the natural synergy possible between the sexes. Rock your world –transform your relationship to men forever. LEARN MORE HERE!

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Pussyhats, the Women’s March and the Rise of the New Feminist


g9510-20_hat-coverIn a matter of a few Tweets #PUSSYHAT became a common liberal household name overnight.

The beginning of the Pussyhat movement was simple: The hat is pink, for girls. It has ears like a cat, for pussy. The pattern is easy to make. And the women who could not fly out to Washington D.C. to take part in the Women’s March on January 21st, 2017 could knit, crochet or sew one and mail it to their sisters on the front lines as an act of support and solidarity.

It’s called CRAFT ACTIVISM, and women are uniting across the globe in a sea of pink ears.

Little did the ladies in LA who started The Pussyhat Project know that the Women’s March would end up being one of the biggest feminist civil rights protests in modern history, and that these pussyhats would make the cover of TIME magazine as a symbol of a new wave of the women’s rights movement.

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The Fuzzy Line Between Festival Sex and Festival Rape


6556541021_4faaa05418_o1You are tripping balls at the main stage on Saturday night at Lightning in a Bottle. In the chaos of the hippie mosh pit you lose your pod of friends and are left alone in your post dubstep bass break bliss when all of a sudden you see her… the Burner Bunny Goddess of your dreams!

She catches your eye and invites you into her space to dance and swirl without exchanging words. You can’t tell if that is a bindi sticker on her forehead or if her third eye is really sparkling that bright. Now you are grinding and dry humping on the dance floor and you can no longer hide that rise in your pants. Seductively she whispers into your ear, “Let’s go back to my camp?” And you are thinking… SCORE!

One thing leads to another and you are naked in her tent about to have sex, yet after all that play she turns cold when you pull out a condom and she tells you to stop, no, she isn’t that kind of girl. What should you do next?

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Infidelity REALLY Sucks: How Illicit Affairs Can Destroy Friendships and Community


1075708_537376369715007_1363528662_nInfidelity not only destroys relationships, it can destroy friendships and community.

If a couple lied and cheated in order to have an affair, they most likely will continue to LIE to the community about the affair to save face. No one wants to come out of the closet with the mortal sin of adultery, especially if it was an ongoing affair and caused the innocent party great harm and heartbreak.

Cheaters are excellent liars, and yes they will lie to their mutual friends to water things down to make it look like it was the other person’s fault. They may even spread rumors and lies about the victim to turn the community against the innocent and encourage mutual friends to take sides in order to support and celebrate the cheating couple and their new relationship!!!

Here are some clues that you are getting coerced into supporting an illicit affair:

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Dear Men Who Love Blow Jobs (Advice From a Woman)


big bonerDear Men Who Love Blow Jobs,

I was one of those girls who used to gag at the thought of having to give my man a blow job.

Porn ruined it for most of us women. It put the idea in your head (the one down below) that forcefully gouging us in the mouth for your own pleasure was suppose to be sexy and appealing to us ladies.

But all that has changed now: I fucking LOVE giving blow jobs!

Here are some juicy tips on how to present your gorgeous cock for us ladies to worship with uninhibited splendor and ravishing reverence…

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Date Rape, Rufies and How I Became a Sacred Sexual Healer

scarlet_amorTRIGGER ALERT: In light of the media hype around the Brock Turner Stanford rape case and the powerfully brave letter his female victim read to her attacker in court, I feel called to share my personal story of rape and recovery.
If you are a victim of rape, sexual abuse or sex crimes, please call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE for guidance and support.

It was 1993: I was 17 years old, a junior in high school, and going through a drunk party slut phase.

Me and my bestie did what we always do on a Saturday night. Lie to our parents about sleeping over at each other’s homes, dress up in high waisted sexy bootie shorts and push up bras, hit up the liquor store with my fake ID, and then head up the 405 freeway to Balboa Island to party with all the college students.

I liked older men. I liked drinking. I liked breaking the rules. And I liked casual sex. I was an easy lay for the right guy.  At the time, it felt empowering to me.

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Ask Scarlet: Clingy Lover Triggers Insecurity & The 5 Love Languages



Dear Scarlet,

I adore my new lover and yet I also feel she’s a bit too clingy. I’m not sure how to tell her I need space without hurting her feelings. Any advice?

~ Smothered


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Don’t Put Your Life on Hold – Your Soulmate Will Show Up Just in the Nick of Time


 fingers crossed like a coupleI was ready for my Soulmate life partner YEARS ago… or so I thought.

Here is my story of how I finally found my Soulmate JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME!

Find out more at

The 5M’s…. I could count them on my hand.

An outline of the Dream Life that I was longing to create for myself…

A vision that haunted me in my dreams, during my medicine journeys, in every meditation…

A glimpse of my future destiny that I KNEW I had to achieve in this lifetime…

In my naivety, I believed it needed to happen in this particular order…

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Why Being a Powerhouse Goddess is Cockblocking You From Finding Your Soulmate


shutterstock_179865947Women ask me all the time… how did you find your true love, Scarlet?

The short answer: Radical self-love practices, a long series of relationships to remind me of what I didn’t want, and incessantly digging through all the shit that was holding me back from aligning with my Dream Man!

To be transparent, I was one of those women who had a short-sighted “Goddess Complex”.

I was so single-mindedly dedicated to my personal growth, independence and this fairy-tale dream of a romantic soulmate partnership that I was left feeling lost and lonely with my head in the clouds wondering “where are all the evolved men at?!!!”

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The Dakini Witch Hunt: Is She a Priestess or a Prostitute?


b171481b93aa41a5807bc04561841f2eThe underground world of Sacred Sexual Healing is under attack.

While the rest of the world is on the edge of their seats watching the ringside circus show of the United States Presidential Primaries and are rootin’ and tootin’ over “Feel the Bern” or “Thuck Drumpf” or “Hotties for Hilary”…

Did you hear about the Phoenix Goddess Temple police raid that happened a few years ago?

Long story short, the Tantric Temple Religious Leader Tracy Elise was found guilty last week on 22 counts in a case of “Is She a Priestess or a Prostitute”?

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