Meet Scarlet

Scarlet Amor is a Love Coach & Writer on Sex, Dating, Personal Growth & Romantic Relationships. 

Scarlet Amor writes about romantic intimacy and modern relationships as a path of personal growth and empowerment with a fun, spiritually sexy edge.

Are you seeking your soulmate? Scarlet guides conscious lovers to transform personal blindspots and get clear on their Soulmate Love vision to attract a remarkable dream relationship with her Empowered Women in Love Mastery Program.

For the past 20 years Scarlet Amor’s mission is to assist people with healing wounds from sexual trauma and to trust in love again. After working with women for a decade as a holistic sexual healthcare coach and intuitive metaphysical healer, she moved into intimacy coaching for men and Neo-Tantric sacred sexual healing for couples.

On her search for true love she retired from the modern Tantra world and now offers Business Mentoring for Sexy Solopreneurs along with a series of eCourses and online education programs at and her signature love coaching program for women called Empowered Women in Love.

She offers an enlightening expose on the Erotic Healing Arts Industry in her books A Gentleman’s Etiquette Guide to Sensual Massage and The Dakini Chronicles erotica novella series, plus her hilarious dating memoir Sugar Daddy Dating Fail.

Miss Amor resides by the beach in Southern California with her Soulmate where she moonlights as a vaudeville entertainer, passionate writer and rockstar work at home mom. Grab your FREE Love Firestarter Kit from Scarlet HERE!

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Name: Scarlet Amor.
Born: Female. 1975. Los Angeles. USA.
Hobbies: Shopping for Vintage Hats and Gloves. Collecting 1930’s French Swing Music on Vinyl. Marilyn Monroe Movie Marathons. Redesigning the Interior of my Spaceship to top Barbarella.
First Kiss: Age 5. Kindergarden. He was a musician. We dated for one whole day.
Learned to Meditate: Age 8. Ram Das cassette tape taught me how to astral travel. Shamanic Journey training with Michael Harner at age 9. Certified in Reiki by age 10. Raided mom’s metaphysical library daily.
Schooling: Straight A’s, cheerleading diva and infamous party slut. Dropped out of college and traveled America in a VW bus. Mentored by shamans, gurus and witches. Got certified as a Tantric Educator, Advanced Theta Healer, and a gazillion other metaphysical modalities.
Meet my first Neo-Tantra Teacher: Age 20. Four weeks later he asked me to travel the world and teach with him. Said no. Instead got married, had a baby and lived on a hippie farm.
Turn Ons: British accents. Classic Jazz. Dark Chocolate. Men who follow through on their word. Pocket watches. Warm sand between my toes. Breakfast in bed.
Turn Offs: 80’s Hair (Mullets). Big Trucks that have fake testicles hanging from the tail gate. Scruffy beards. Limitations. New Age Fluff.
Previous Employment: Hair Salon Receptionist. House Cleaner. Nanny. Hippie Clothing Designer. Homesteader. Sexual Health Coach. Ritual Fire Dancer. Erotic Circus Director. Tantric Masseuse. Love Shaman. Mother.
Biggest Secret: Read my Blog, as I spill all the beans here!

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